Services: Interior

Using only high quality paints and primers from Duron, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, Colors Diaz starts every successful job with attention to detail and preparation.

Before we begin priming and painting, we first:

  • Move any and all furniture
  • Remove shelves from the walls
  • Cover all furniture and flooring
  • Remove wallpaper
  • Treat holes and marks
  • Replace sheetrock when necessary

Once preparations are finished we prime the walls when necessary and then begin the painting process. Using only high quality materials, including Environmentally Friendly paints and primers, Colors Diaz's experienced professionals take the time necessary for doing the job right the first time.

Need help with colors?

It can be tricky picking the proper colors for your space. Many factors can change the effect a paint color has on your walls. Lighting, natural or electric, the height of the walls, and overall room size can all greatly alter the effect of your color choice.

With the years of experience Colors Diaz brings, we can help you pick out just the right color solution for you and your space.

What our customers are saying

I was thoroughly impressed with Colors Diaz from their initial setup to the finished product. Their attention to detail, not only in the work, but also their preparation made me extremely comfortable in working with them. In addition, they never left without ensuring that their work space was neat and organized.

I highly recommend Colors Diaz for any paint and pressure washing needs.

Shawn Jenks,
Duluth, GA