Services: Exterior

What to expect

  • When painting the outside of a home or commercial space the first thing we do is fully prepare the area. This includes addressing the immediate area around the space and taking into consideration any special needs such as outdoor pets or landscaping.
  • Next, we start by thoroughly cleaning the surface using not one, but two passes with our industrial strength pressure washers (to learn more about Pressure Washing click here). This includes a pass using cleaner and a second to remove any remaining chemicals.
  • Once clean, the surface is scraped to ensure what paint remains is solid.
  • Next we caulk and prime any and all areas that need it. All windows and doorways are covered and taped with plastic. In addition to preparing the surface of the home or building we also remove and cover any furniture with plastic to ensure it remains clean and paint-free.
  • Now comes the painting. Our experienced professionals use top of the line equipment to ensure even and precise coverage from start to finish.
  • Lastly we inspect the finished product with the client and then begin the cleanup process.

The Results

As you can see, a majority of the work we do is preparing for the actual painting. By taking the proper steps we not only promote a clean and orderly work space, but we also ensure the end result is high quality and long lasting.

What our customers are saying

To any architect or decorator:

I needed help with staining of rosewood panels which were stained in appalling way in all possible and impossible shades and the original finisher did not know how to fix his own work; Fernando knew how  to and did the refinishing beautifully and saved the job; I have nothing else but praises and recommendations for him and his guys.

Milan Vancura Architect
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